Morinaga”Momo Amazake”

[amazake]Morinaga[Momo Amazake](eyecatch)

Morinaga”Momo Amazake”

[amazake]Morinaga[Momo Amazake]

This is an introduction of Morinaga’s “Momo Amazake”.


“Momo Amazake” is a peach amazake that was released for a limited time from May 16th,2017.


White peaches are produced in Yamanashi prefecture, which has the highest yield of peaches in Japan.
※Peach yield is 2018 data


what is “Momo”?

[amazake]Morinaga[Momo Amazake](peach)
“Momo” is a fruit peach.Peach is one of the most popular fruits in Japan.


Characteristics of amazake


  • Koji Amazake
  • With white peach juice from Yamanashi prefecture
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Limited time



A company that first appeared in bottles in 1969 and released amazake in cans in 1974. The best-selling amazake in Japan.
※SRI Amazake Market Nationwide SM / CVS / DRUG September 2017-August 2018 Indicator: Estimated sales scale (amount)


Morinaga’s amazake is a red can. I think many people have seen the popular amazake sold all year round on the shelves of supermarkets.

Official page

Package design of “Momo Amazake”

[amazake]Morinaga[Momo Amazake](design)

The top is a slightly cream color reminiscent of white peach, and the bottom is a gentle and cute pink design reminiscent of peach.

In the middle is an illustration of a fresh and fresh peach that looks like it was drawn in watercolor.

In the background is a classic flower pattern of Morinaga Amazake. The colors of the flowers are red, pink, and cream, which is the perfect color scheme for peach amazake.

It will be fun just to look at the package design that is typical of Morinaga Amazake.


Yamanashi Prefecture’s white peach juice is 1%, and it is a non-alcoholic amazake.


Impressions of drinking “Momo Amazake”

[amazake]Morinaga[Momo Amazake](review)
The moment you put amazake in the cup, the gentle sweet peach scent spreads around you.

The slightly gentle peach scent is pleasant.


When you take a sip, the scent of sweet peach spreads in your mouth. “momo amazake” has a refreshing sweetness of peach along with the flavor of rice jiuqu.



Product information of “Momo Amazake”

[amazake]Morinaga[Momo Amazake](product description)
(Product information of “Momo Amazake”)


[amazake]Morinaga[Momo Amazake](nutrition information)
(Nutritional ingredient list of “Momo Amazake”)


Product name Morinaga”Momo Amazake”
Name Soft drink Amazake
Seller Morinaga seika Co., Ltd.
Raw material name Sugar,Koji of rice,syrup、Peach juice,Salt,Fragrance,Stabilizer(Thickening polysaccharide),Acidulant
Internal capacity 185g
Calorie (Per 100g)
Nutritional ingredients (Per 100g)
Lipid   ・・・0.0g
Carbohydrates ・・・15.4g
Others Salt equivalent・・・0.15g
Alcohol content・・・0.0%
Allergens contained in raw materials(of 27 items) Peaches