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Morinaga”Taberu Amazake Yoguruto”

[amazake sweets]Morinaga[Taberu Amazake Yoguruto](eyecatch)

Morinaga”Taberu Amazake Yoguruto”

[amazake sweets]Morinaga[Taberu Amazake Yoguruto]

This is an introduction of Morinaga’s “Taberu Amazake Yoguruto”.


What is “Yoguruto”?

[amazake new]Morinaga[Taberu Amazake Yoguruto]
“Yoguruto” is yogurt. “Taberu Amazake Yoguruto” is the yogurt that eats amazake.


“Taberu Amazake Yoguruto” is an amazake yogurt released on Tuesday,July 6th, 2021.



It was reproduced as a yogurt that eats Morinaga’s most popular red canned amazake.


[amazake new]Morinaga[Taberu Amazake Yoguruto](eyecatch)
Morinaga"Taberu Amazake Yoguruto" will be released on Tuesday,July 6th, 2021Morinaga"Taberu Amazake Yoguruto" will be released on Tuesday,July 6...


Characteristics of amazake yogurt


  • Use of rice koji amazake
  • Use of sake lees and amazake
  • 3 fermented ingredients(Rice Jiuqu,Sake lees,Yogurt)


[amazake sweets]Morinaga[Taberu Amazake Yoguruto](description)
(3 fermented ingredients)


The most distinctive feature of “Amazake Yogurt” is the luxurious use of three fermented ingredients: “Sake lees,” “rice jiuqu,” and “yogurt.”



A company that first appeared in bottles in 1969 and released amazake in cans in 1974. The best-selling amazake in Japan.
※SRI Amazake Market Nationwide SM / CVS / DRUG September 2017-August 2018 Indicator: Estimated sales scale (amount)

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Package design for “Taberu Amazake Yoguruto”

[amazake sweets]Morinaga[Taberu Amazake Yoguruto](design)
“Taberu Amazake Yoguruto” is a design based on the same red as Morinaga’s red canned amazake design.


It is a package design that makes you happy just by looking at the pattern of white flowers in red.


[amazake sweets]Morinaga[Taberu Amazake Yoguruto](design)
On the front is an illustration of “Taberu Amazake Yoguruto” scooped up with a spoon.



Impressions of eating “Taberu Amazake Yoguruto”

[amazake sweets]Morinaga[Taberu Amazake Yoguruto](review)
When you open the lid, the scent of Morinaga Amazake is fluffy, and the slightly sour scent of yogurt spreads.

The color is pure white like snow.


[amazake sweets]Morinaga[Taberu Amazake Yoguruto](review)
Scoop with a spoon Yogurt contains a lot of grains.

These grains are not rice jiuqu grains, but because they have a strong texture, I think they are “uruchimai”.

What is “uruchimai”?

“uruchimai” is a carbohydrate that is eaten as a staple food in Japan.


When you eat a bite, the aroma of Morinaga Amazake spreads in your mouth and you can feel the sweetness of Amazake strongly. Finally, “Taberu Amazake Yoguruto” that spreads the refreshing acidity of yogurt.


Above all, you can strongly feel the firm feel of the grains contained in yogurt, and it can be said that it is an amazake that you can eat.



Product information of “Taberu Amazake Yoguruto”

[amazake sweets]Morinaga[Taberu Amazake Yoguruto](product description)
(Product information of “Taberu Amazake Yoguruto”)


[amazake sweets]Morinaga[Taberu Amazake Yoguruto](nutrition information)
(Nutritional ingredient list of “Taberu Amazake Yoguruto”)


Product name Morinaga”Taberu Amazake Yoguruto”
Name Fermented milk
Non-fat milk solids・・・8.0%,Milk fat・・・1.9%
Seller Morinaga nyugyo Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer Yokohama Morinaga seika Co., Ltd.
Raw material name Raw milk(Manufactured in Japan),Dairy products,Sugar,Uruchi rice,Sake lees,Milk protein,Dextrin,Salt,Rice Jiuqu powder/Fragrance,Acidulant,Thickening polysaccharide,Sweetener(Sucralose,
Aspartame-L-Phenylalanine compound)
Internal capacity 100g
Calorie 98kcal
Nutritional ingredients Protein・・・3.4g
Lipid    ・・・2.2g
Carbohydrates ・・・16.1g
Salt equivalent・・・0.12g
Allergens contained in raw materials(of 27 items) Milk ingredients