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Morinaga”Amazake Aisu”

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Morinaga”Amazake Aisu”

[amazake sweets]Morinaga[Amazake Aisu]

This is an introduction of Morinaga’s “Amazake Aisu”.


“Amazake Aisu” is an ice cream released to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of red canned amazake.


what is “Aisu”?

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“Aisu” stands for ice cream.


Characteristics of amazake ice cream


  • Blended amazake
  • Limited time


It is a nice ice cream for Morinaga Amazake fans who expressed Morinaga’s popular red canned amazake as ice cream.




A company that first appeared in bottles in 1969 and released amazake in cans in 1974. The best-selling amazake in Japan.
※SRI Amazake Market Nationwide SM / CVS / DRUG September 2017-August 2018 Indicator: Estimated sales scale (amount)

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Impressions of drinking “Amazake Aisu”

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When you open the cup, a white snow-white amazake ice cream appears.

The scent of amazake spreads throughout the room.


When you eat a bite, the aroma of sake lees, which is richer and more flavorful than the amazake you drink, goes through your mouth.And “Amazake Aisu” is a sweet sake that spreads in your mouth.


Morinaga’s great point is that the red canned amazake that he drinks has been reproduced so far with ice cream.



Product information of “Amazake Aisu”

[amazake sweets]Morinaga[Amazake Aisu](product description)
(Product information of “Amazake Aisu”)


Product name Morinaga”Amazake Aisu”
Name Lactic ice
Non-fat milk solids・・・4.0%、Milk fat・・・1.0%
Seller Morinaga seika Co., Ltd.
Raw material name Syrup、Sugar,Dairy products,Sake lees powder,Rice Jiuqu Powder,Dextrin,Salt/Modified starch,
Fragrance,Emulsifier,Stabilizer(Thickening polysaccharide)
Internal capacity 100ml
Calorie 129kcal
Nutritional ingredients Protein・・・2.3g
Lipid   ・・・1.4g
Carbohydrates ・・・26.7g
Salt equivalent・・・0.11g
Allergens contained in raw materials(of 27 items) Milk