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Sutabakkusu”Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Miruku Rate”

[Amazake cafe]Sutabakkusu[Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Mirukurate](eyecatch)

Sutabakkusu”Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Miruku rate”

[Amazake cafe]Sutabakkusu[Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Miruku Rate]

Introducing “Sutabakkusu”‘s “Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Miruku Rate”.

“Sutabakkusu” and “Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Miruku Rate” are written in Roman letters.

“Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Miruku Rate” is a pink strawberry latte released by Starbucks in Japan.


This is a limited-time latte from Thursday,February 15th, 2018 to Wednesday,March 14th, 2018.


What is “Sakura”?

[Amazake cafe]Sutabakkusu[Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Mirukurate](cherry blossoms)

“Sakura” is written in Roman letters. “Sakura” is the cherry blossoms that bloom in spring in Japan.


There are three types of drinks released during the cherry blossom season in Japan.


Drinks released
  1. Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Tei
  2. Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Miruku Rate
  3. Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Mochi Furapechino


The second “Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Miruku Rate” introduced this time uses sake lees as a secret ingredient.


Since the raw material of sake less amazake is sake lees, this latte is introduced as a classification of amazake.



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Cup design of “Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Miruku Rate

[Amazake cafe]Sutabakkusu[Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Mirukurate](cup design)
The concept is to declare the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

So, of course, the paper cups for drinks are pale pink with the image of cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms and cherry blossom petals are also drawn in the pale pink.


It’s so cute that just looking at it will make your heart gorgeous.



Impressions of drinking “Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Miruku Rate”

[Amazake cafe]Sutabakkusu[Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Mirukurate](review)
When I remove the lid of the paper cup, there is plenty of white chocolate and pink white chocolate on top of the cream whipped cream.

With the image of spring cherry blossoms and the cuteness, I suddenly screamed “Wow” in my heart.


[Amazake cafe]Sutabakkusu[Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Mirukurate](review)
Underneath the plenty of fresh cream whipped cream is a pale, gentle pink latte of cherry blossoms.


When I take a sip, I strongly feel the strong sweetness of sweet cream whipped cream and rich flavored white chocolate, “Sakura Sutoroberi Pinku Miruku Rate”.


The secret taste of sake lees has a slight aroma from the latte, and the flavor of this sake lees has become an accent of the latte, making it even more delicious.



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