Imuraya”Amazake Oshiruko”

[amazake]Imuraya[Amazake Oshiruko](eyecatch)

Imuraya”Amazake Oshiruko”

[amazake]Imuraya[Amazake Oshiruko](design)

This is an introduction to Imuraya’s “Amazake Oshiruko”.


“Amazake Oshiruko” is a blend of rice koji amazake and oshiruko, which was newly released on August 16, 2021 by Imuraya, who is popular in “Azukiba”.


[amazake new]Imuraya[Amazake Oshiruko](eyecatch)
Imuraya"Amazake Oshiruko" will be released on Monday,August 16th, 2021Imuraya"Amazake Oshiruko" will be released on Monday,August 16th, 20...


What is “Oshiruko”?

[amazake new]Imuraya[Amazake Oshiruko]

“Oshiruko” is a sweet that is loved in Japan.”Ohiruko” is sweet Azuki bean soup in English.”Ohiruko” contains Mochi.


Characteristics of amazake


  • Blended amazake(Rice koji amazake and sake lees amazake)
  • Uses rice jiuqu from Japanese rice
  • Blended with shiruko
  • Alcohol content is less than 0.1%



A company that manufactures and sells confectionery, food, daily chilled, dim sum / deli, frozen desserts, and frozen confectionery.


Imuraya is a popular company for “Azukiba”. I love the “Azukiba” so much that I always have it in my refrigerator.


“Azukiba” is a popular ice cream in Japan.

Last year, the number of units sold in the “Azukiba” series reached 292 million units last year, a record high.


Official page

Package design of “Amazake Oshiruko”

[amazake]Imuraya[Amazake Oshiruko](design)
The design of the package is based on purple, and the company name Imuraya has a gorgeous golden accent.

At the bottom right is this illustration of amazake shiruko in a bowl. Purple was very rare in the amazake package design, so it was very noticeable on the product shelves.



Impressions of drinking “Amazake Oshiruko”

[amazake]Imuraya[Amazake Oshiruko](review)
The “Amazake Oshiruko” that is poured into the cup has the gentle color of red bean paste.

The color will be lighter than the photo.


[amazake]Imuraya[Amazake Oshiruko](review)
It is a type of amazake that does not have rice grains, and you can enjoy the slight aroma of sake lees amazake.


When you take a sip, you will feel the gentle touch of “Oshiruko” and the gentle sweetness of “Oshiruko” will spread.Finally, “Amazake Oshiruko” has a strong mellow sweetness of amazake, especially the flavor of sake lees and amazake.


“Oshiruko” and amazake have a strong flavor of “Oshiruko”.Like Imuraya, who has strengths in azuki beans, the red bean paste(Oshiruko) is delicious and can be said to be amazake unique to Imuraya.




Product information of “Amazake Oshiruko”

[amazake]Imuraya[Amazake Oshiruko](product description)


Product name Imuraya”Amazake Oshiruko”
Name Soft drink (Shiruko drink)
Seller Imuraya Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer Toppan pakkejingu sabisu Co., Ltd.
Raw material name Sugar(made in Japan),Raw bean paste(Red beans)(made in Japan),Amazake(Rice,Rice Jiuqu),Sake lees,Agar/Stabilizer(Thickening polysaccharide),Calcium lactate
Internal capacity 140g
Calorie 145kcal
Nutritional ingredients Protein・・・2.1g
Lipid    ・・・0.1g
Salt equivalent・・・0.02g
Others Alcohol content・・・Less than 0.1%
Allergens contained in raw materials none