Furumachikoji seizosho”Koji-Hakuto”

[amazake]Furumachikoji seizosho[koji- Hakuto](eyecatch)

Furumachikoji seizosho”koji-Hakuto”

[amazake]Furumachikoji seizosho[koji- Hakuto]

This is an introduction to Furumachikoji seizosho’s “koji-Hakuto”.


“koji-Hakuto” is a luxurious amazake made by adding domestic white peach juice to rice koji amazake.


what is “Hakuto”?

[amazake]Morinaga[Momo Amazake](peach)
“Hakuto” is a fruit white peach.Peach is one of the most popular fruits in Japan.


Characteristics of amazake


  • Koji Amazake
  • With Japanese white peach juice
  • Non-alcoholic
  • No sugar
  • Limited time


Furumachikoji seizosho

In 2009, we established a Jiuqu specialty store “Furumachikoji seizosho” in Furumachi, Niigata, and we are a company that sells a lot of flavored amazake for a limited time instead of the standard rice koji amazake.

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Package design of “koji-Hakuto”

[amazake]Furumachikoji seizosho[koji- Hakuto](design)
As it is peach amazake, the cap is also a cute pink that makes you think of peaches.


[amazake]Furumachikoji seizosho[koji- Hakuto](design)
A major feature of Amazake at “Furumachikoji seizosho” is the label design.

The feature is that each amazake has a different design.

“koji-Hakuto” contains luxurious domestic white peach juice, so the label is of course peach.


By adding peach juice to rice koji amazake, the peach fruit part looks like a grain of rice.


The label is so cute that when a new amazake is released, not only the taste of amazake but also the label design is one of the pleasures.



Impressions of drinking “koji-Hakuto”

[amazake]Furumachikoji seizosho[koji- Hakuto](review)
The amazake poured into the cup is a milky white amazake with a slight yellow color of white peach.

It has a faint peach scent.


When you take a sip, you can feel the sweet and gentle flavor of white peach and the simple sweetness of rice koji.



Product information of “Koji-Hakuto”

[amazake]Furumachikoji seizosho[koji- Hakuto](product description)
(Product information of “Momo Amazake”)


Product name Furumachikoji seizosho”Koji-Hakuto”
Name Amazake
Seller Furumachikoji seizosho Co., Ltd.
Raw material name Rice(Made in Japan)、Rice Jiuqu(Japanese rice)、Peach juice(Made in Japan
Internal capacity About 17.6oz / 500ml