Merodeian”Sakekasu Amazake”

[amazake]Merodeian[Sakekasu Amazake](eyecatch)

Merodeian”Sakekasu Amazake”

[amazake]Merodeian[Sakekasu Amazake]


Important point

This amazake has been renewed and is no longer in production.


This is an introduction to Melodian’s “Sakekasu Amazake”.


“Sakekasu Amazake” is a sake lees amazake made from 100% Japanese rice.


Characteristics of amazake


  • Sake lees amazake
  • Uses 100% Japanese rice sake lees



A company that sells coffee fresh, syrup and health drinks.

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Package design of “Sakekasu Amazake”

[amazake]Merodeian[Sakekasu Amazake](design)
The package has been redesigned and has a very gorgeous design.

The whole is bright red, and I use gold as an accent.


Click here for the package design before the renewal.


Package design before renewal
[amazake]Merodeian[Sakekasu Amazake](design)

It’s not gorgeous, but it’s a simple and favorite design.

Above all, I feel attached to it because I have seen it since I was a child.



Impressions of drinking “Sakekasu Amazake”

[amazake]Merodeian[Sakekasu Amazake](review)
When poured into a cup, the refreshing aroma of sake lees spreads.


When you take a sip, you can feel the flavor of sake lees and the mellow sweetness of slightly stronger amazake.



Product information of “Sakekasu Amazake”

[amazake]Merodeian[Sakekasu Amazake](product description)
(Product information of “Sakekasu Amazake”)

Product name Merodeian”Sakekasu Amazake”
Name Soft drink Amazake(Alcohol content less than 1%)
Seller Merodeian Co., Ltd.
Raw material name Sugar,Sake lees,Starch,Salt
Internal capacity 195g
Calorie 140kcal
Nutritional ingredients Protein・・・1.5〜4.5g
Lipid   ・・・0.0g
Carbohydrates ・・・29.6g
Salt equivalent・・・0.12g
Others Uses 100% Japanese rice sake lees