What is amazake?

What is amazake?

[Amazake tips]What is amazake?(eyecatch)

What is amazake?

[Amazake tips]What is amazake?(amazake)

Amazake is a traditional Japanese drink that has been around for a long time.It has been loved as a sweet drink because it is a sweet drink.


Amazake is one of the fermented foods that is said to be good for beauty and health.


[Amazake tips]What is amazake?(fermented food)
There are so many fermented foods just to come up with.


  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Miso
  • Soy sauce
  • Tsukemono
  • Kimchi
  • Natto
  • Amazake


Looking at the list of fermented foods, there are many things that we use on a daily basis.You can see that it is a food that is loved so much.


History of amazake

The origin of amazake is said to be the Kofun period in Japan.Amazake was popular with people when it was called the “Edo period” in Japan.


[Amazake tips]What is amazake?(edo)

Amazake was a summer tradition in the Edo period.The summer in the Edo period was hot, and amazake was loved as a way to prevent heat fatigue due to exhaustion of physical strength.

I wonder if amazake at that time was positioned like this now.


A nutritious drink that is rich in nutrition and has the effect of preventing heat fatigue.


Is Amazake sake?

[Amazake tips]What is amazake?(sake)
Some people have this misunderstanding about amazake.Amazake is sake.


Amazake is not sake.


I think that the word “amazake” comes from the misunderstanding of sake.


[Amazake tips]What is amazake?(amazake)
Amazake is written as above in Japanese.This word is sweet sake in Japanese.


For this reason, many people mistake amazake for sake.Actually, before I drank amazake, I thought it was alcohol.



Types of amazake

[Amazake tips]What is amazake?(amazake)
Many people categorize with two types, but I categorize with three types.


  • Koji Amazake
  • Sake lees Amazake
  • Blended Amazake


Koji Amazake using Koji

[Amazake tips]What is amazake?(koji)
Koji amazake is made from koji and rice as raw materials.


[make amazake]make koji amazake(eyecach)
How to make koji AmazakeHow to make koji Amazake This is an introduction to how to make...


Sake lees Amazake using Sake lees

[Amazake tips]What is amazake?(sake lees)
The product made from Sake less is called Sake less Amazake”.


Blended Amazake using koji and Sake less

[Amazake tips]What is amazake?(amazake)
I call amazake made from Koji and Sake lees a blended amazake.The representative amazake of blended amazake is Morinaga’s red canned amazake.



Every amazake has its own personality, and I enjoy changing the amazake I drink depending on the climate and mood of the day.



・Amazake is not sake
・There are three types of amazake

Koji Amazake Koji Amazake using koji
Sake lees Amazake Sake lees Amazake using sake lees
Blended Amazake Blended Amazake made with koji and sake lees